Wedge Anchor Test And Report

03 Jan 2019

We got clients claimed that wedge anchor have problem when Hex Nut fasten.

The customer send us 4 pcs wedge anchor.

06 Jan 2019

We got the sample from client.

Firstly, we checked wedge anchor, it looks no problem.

Secondly, we test the Torque test. Hex Nut and bolt thread all broken.

So we add double hex nut to contiune test. The bolt shears.

Thirdly, we test the Tension test, the tensile value is 29.73KN. Wedge anchor meet the standard request.


Based on the test, The customer claimed ”When they fasten this wedge anchor, the nut runs idle.” we get bellow Conclution.

The tension load value meet the standard value. so, wedge anchor part - bolt meet the request.

Hex Nut and Bolt thread is broken. Reason 1: the customer need more fasten based standard.

Solution 1: Make the nut height more thick. It can meet the customer request.

Solution 2: The sample grade is 4.8, Use grade 8.8 to instead of the goods.

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