4Pcs Fix bolt with Eye bolt

Product Descrition

4Pcs Fix bolt with Eye bolt is a steel anchor for heavy duty fixing, suitable to be used in uncracked concrete, compact structures, solid bricks and natural stone.

When the bolt is tightened, the cone comes up inside the 4 anchor shields,expanding them against the hole walls.

Main Applications

Steel constructions, laying of rails, shelves, staircases,cable-bearing structures,machineries,spiral staircases, gates, ventilated facade structures,brackers for outside units of conditioning machines.


Excellent capacity of installation on concrete in compression zone.

4 shield steel anchor with knurled bosses preventing rotation of the anchor.

Inner squared cold-formed cone,avoiding rotation of anchor shields.

Steel lower seger, incorporating the shields and supportiong their uniform expansion.

Wide range of accessories: 8.8 bolt, hook, eyebolt, spacer, threaded bar.

Electrolytic white zinc plating.

Available as through bolt as well.

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